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NUDA believes in promoting wellness, self-confidence, and maintaining healthy skin by offering products that will make people feel good inside and out. These values are at the heart of it all!


NUDA is a Canadian-based business that offers high-quality spray tanning products to professionals who genuinely care about their customers. NUDA products are made from natural, handpicked ingredients designated to give your customers incredible results, every time. NUDA also offers a wide range of products and materials to ensure that you stand out in the spray tanning industry. The NUDA team is dedicated to meeting the needs of spray tanning specialists so that they can excel in their field.

Why Choose Nuda?

NUDA was born from the desire to give spray tanning professionals an opportunity to offer high-quality products that leave customers with a naturally golden glow and a radiant complexion. The NUDA brand is young, modern, and dynamic so that you stand out by the quality of the overall customer experience you have to offer.

We promise to help you offer incredible spray tanning experiences that your customers will enjoy, every time! Since day one, the quality of our products and our service offering is at the core of our business.

NUDA Support

We take your success to heart and are dedicated to helping you succeed! The NUDA team will always be there to advise you and answer your questions to contribute to your company’s progress. Spray tanning is a fantastic service to offer your customers, which is why we provide you with our full support to help you achieve your goals.

Professional Resources

NUDA offers various professional resources at no cost to clients, such as useful documents (customer questionnaires, preparation and maintenance tips sheets, etc.), marketing assets to promote your services on social networks, training tools (guides, video tutorials), and much more. The NUDA team also offers training and certification days that are ideal for those looking to learn about spray tanning, those looking to become specialists, or for spray tanning professionals looking to gain more knowledge and perfect their technique.