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This version is viable as of March 15th 2018.



We, meaning NUDA Cosmetics inc. (“NUDA”) care to protect the personal information that we collect, use and communicate as part of our activities, in conformity to the applicable laws and rules. The present policy relating to personal information protection states, in general terms, the procedure for collecting, using, communicating and protecting platform and website users’ personal information, as defined in the NUDA terms of use.



The expression “personal information” refers to any type of information about identifiable people.



In reference to the applicable laws and rules, NUDA is responsible for the personal knowledge that we collect, possess and control.

You are responsible for providing us with real and accurate information as well as keeping it updated if changes must be made.



Data that you provide us:

    • When you create your user account to access and use our platform, you can and must, depending on the case, provide personal information such as your name, that of your business, email and residential address, phone number, sex, etc. We register this personal information in order to identify you, provide products for you and improve your experience on our platform and website.


Data collected when using our platform:

  • We also collect impersonal information when you use our website or platform. To access and use it, you must accept cookies. Cookies are small files filled with data that are sent to your navigator or mobile app and saved to the hard disc of your device when you visit certain websites such as our platform. Cookies and other similar technology serving this purpose are used to recognize, follow and analyze your visits and use of our website. By accessing and using our platform, you also consent to our use of any other follow-up technology or geolocation with the soul purpose of recognizing, following and analyzing your access and use of our platform and website. The information collected is used to facilitate and improve your experience as a user of our platform and perhaps create new services and functionalities.



Our website and platform allow you to be directed to other Internet sites or mobile apps, such as the website of one of NUDAs’ business partners. The operators of these other websites could also collect your personal information as well as product information due to the use of cookies when using a link toward their website. We are not responsible for how the third parties collect, use or communicate your personal info.



We can hire subcontractors to provide services in our name. These subcontractors are authorized to use personal information only to provide services that we’ve entrusted, and cannot be used to serve another purpose. We require a strict engagement in regard of this to all our subcontractors.



We’ve adopted safety measures aiming to protect the unauthorized access to personal information. These measures include, without being limited to:

  • Installing a basic SSL certificate (HTTPS);
  • NUDA commits to using hosting service provider in conformity to the norms of the industry in terms of information security and personal information protection;
  • To process financial data, NUDA works with service providers that conform to the payment card security industry norm (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS).
  • The NUDA personnel that have access rights to personal data is submitted to confidentiality obligations.



An individual in regards to whom NUDA possesses personal data from can present an access demand or file a complaint if the present clause is breached.

Complaints and access demands may be presented in written email format at:

Upon reception of a written demand, NUDA will ask the applicant if she possesses personal info about her and will process the demand in conformity to the applicable law. In conformity to the applicable law, NUDA may refuse an individual from accessing his personal information.